Tuesday, May 31

Building and Destroying

Salam alayk.

Consider these :

A - Lego skyscraper.
      building time : >10 minutes. with full effort, that when you finished, you got tired. literally. and satisfied.
      destroying time: < 1 minute. one hit only. done.

B - Real skyscraper. the one involved in 9/11. i forgot the name.
      building time: who cares, but im sure it took a few years. with full effort.
      destroying time : a few hours. < one day for sure. one or two plane crashes. done.

C- Relationship
     building time : depends
     destroying time : less than building time

D - Rapport
      building time : depends
      destroying time : less than building time

now question. why is it something built so hard and took so long, can be destroyed so easily?

Saturday, May 28

P for..

have you ever felt that you are so pathetic?
well, yes i have. i still do. now.

Friday, May 20

Post exam stress

Salam alayk.

we all know stress. we heard it almost everyday throughout the year. especially when exam is near. staying up late at night, a lot to cover, cannot remember bla3 you name it.
but have you ever heard of the phrase above? post exam stress? i bet you don't. or d-
POST exam stress is the tension you feel right after the exam.yes. it's quite the same as the one that you feel prior to your exam, except that the stressors are different now. for example, you do not know what to do. which leads to boredom. and that is stressful.
oh well, just to say, i'm feeling that as we speak.
"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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