Monday, July 28


okaay.. it's been a while since i updated my blog here..
what i have to say now is that college life is not a busy as i expected..
or at least my program, alm, is not a s busy as alg or adfp..
i'm glad.. the only thing i do after 'school' is study.. not much assignments...
so, the reason why i dont update my blog is not because i don't want to, but i can't..
no internet in the room maa..
i can only get online during the weekends..that was the case until one day...
yesterday to be exact...
my laptop rosak!! waaaaaaaarrgghh!!!!
what happened??!!
so now it's like i'm going thru dark age.. no laptop... though it still got warranty..
my warranty card, i left at home.. so have to wait til balik umah first laa..
that will be a bout 3 weeks... but 3 weeks without laptop will be as long as 3 months for me..
haih... what to do.. sabar only...

Tuesday, July 8

a level medicine begins

i started my class today... practically means, as from today, i'll be busy as hell. though i'm only taking 4 subjects or maybe 5.. each of them consists helds loads of..err. stuff, or whatever u want to call it, that has to be saved permenantly in my head. but the best thing is, my class ends at 12.50 almost everyday.. ahaa.. mengalahkan budak skolah rendah.. my friends from ausmat have to take 7 subjects which make them stuck at intec til the sun goes down...

Sunday, July 6


well, if u're reading this, i'm now in intec uitm, shah alam. section 6. this place is.. er.. can lah.. aman.. good.. though this place is kinda developed, with buildings and stuff, but u can still see loads of trees along the road. the air is clean too, or at least i think it is. and oh, one more thing. there plenty of animals around here. haha. cats, birds, u name it. but the wild animals dont have lah.. uhuhu.. apa kes ader singa kt sini kan...yesterday we had placement tests - english n maths. i got 58/70 for english.. it was like, dammit!but ok la, my friends dont go very far from my score. hoho.. (well, at least i have company, yes?)so, today, it's resting day as we dont have anything to do but to stay home(although going for a walk at shah alam is an option). oh, did i mention about my roommates? i live in an apartment or its sort. an apartment with 2 rooms; one big and the other is small. the big one has 2 single beds and mine, which is the big one, has 2 double decker beds. my roomates are hasyim of kl whose bed is above mine, faris of kelantan also, and aqi of kedah. kong and anuar live in the second room. i still dont have their pictures. when i do, i'll put them in my blog. the next post.
"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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