Friday, February 24


Salam alayk. so as a tradition, i would write all of my birthday wishes that i got every year. though this year is not very much, but still, as a sign of gratitude, i shall record them here :) so thank you all to those who remembered and wished me happy birthdayy :D:D and yeah, thank God for still giving me the opportunity to do rights, and correct the wrongs. its been 22 years now. i dont know how long do i still have on this life. up to now, i am very thankful. alhamdulillah. 

anyway, here goes! 

0001 - ohh yeah, happy 22nd on 23rd feb birthday boy :) i slipped the 0000 hour. im sorry :c (intan, sms)
         - oi! epy behday mokabng kroon! jom blanja aku!  (along, sms)

0005 - happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.. (mami and adik, live)

0007 - Selamat Hari Lahir Mirul...!! Semoga sentiasa dlm kberktn &dredhai ALLAH..Amin! (khairiah, sms)
0013 - Happy birthday ashlex  (shamin, sms)

0020 - Salam mirol. Happy 22nd birthday, buddy. May Allah bless u. :)  (afiqah, sms)

0325 - Happppy birthday. smoga sntiasa dlm rahmat Allah..happy 23rd amirul mukmin :)  (najwa najihah, sms)

0700 - Hey wanted to call u to wish you ahppy birthday de but you din wake up... :P  (kaiyunn, sms)

0708 - *happy birthdayy!!* (kaiyunn and zereda, call)

0711 - Morning birthday boy. happy birthday. haha  (intan, sms)

0906 - hey! it's your birthday!! sry can't sms you cz phone credit expired.. but hope you have a great one   and see you soon! :D :D :D               (keren wee, facebook)

0935 - slm. epi besday. may God blessing u. :)  (amira, sms)

1018 - Happy briday..tgu aku balik nanti belanja aku..beli cupit byk2.  (kakya, sms)

1204 - Salam. Happy birthday, mirul!!! May He always bless n wish u success in ur undertakings :)  (huda, sms from bali)

1207 - Happy birthday mirul :)  (aisyah, sms)

1220 - Salam, Selamat Hari Lahir :) May Allah bless you always, may everything turn out great, and semoga kawen cepat. :D  (kak diana rizal, sms)

1712 - salam.epy bday boh.sori lmbt,bru balik kijo en.haha. may god bless u always..btw,ble result exam kua?  (farhan, sms)

2017 -  anyways, selaku kawan yg kna bgtau baru nak wish, hm, happy birthdayyyy! em, smoga allah permudahkan langkah kau lepas2 ni, semoga allah sentiasa dengan kau lepas2 ni, smoga kita semakin dekat dengan allah lepas2 ni. semoga sukses dunia akhirat inche amirul mukmin (khadijah dojot, facebook pm)

2231 -  tumoang. happy 22nd amirul mukmin! :)  (mariam, facebook)

2232 - happy birthday Amirul Mukmin!!  (liyana rosli, facebook )

2238 - selamat tuo la colek!!!!   (sahir bule ,facebook)

2240 - hello. happy birthday bro. see u back in the gym soon.  (hadri hadi, facebook)

2241 -  sahir tumpng, happy birthday mirul  (anis lyana, facebook)

2256 -  bday jugak  (aqiuddin, facebook)

2257 - ad org tu hide birthday? hehehe selamat tua amirul :) semoga sentiasa dlm lindungan Allah  (hidayah abdullah, facebook)

2258 - happy birthday mirul ^^  (fatimah azzahra, facebook)

2300 - Happy birthday mirul..   (farah syazana, facebook)

2306 - oh. sorok birthday ka? haha. happy birthday!  (farah ar, facebook)

2327 - xdisplay napok tp ak ingat bufday mu...hehe Happy BiRthdaY may Allah bless U always :')  (zunaini, facebook)

and yes, of course what i wrote here are what i got on 23rd february. the whole day. i still get a few belated wishes though. so to honour them, i shall write them here. but since its not already 23rd february, i will not state the time. haha. 

" A'kum. Hepi b'day.. Selamat hr lahir.. Otanjoubi omedeto.. May Allah's blessing b wiz u always.. Amin ;-) sry 4 late wish"  - nabilah twins.

" Boyfriend boyfriend!!!Its d 24th!! Crap!!Happy belated birthday!!!So sry for d late wish!!So sry boyfriend..terrible gf i am la..gosh!Did u get ur key frm ur parents??Haha.Bt trust me..theres nt much diff frm before 21..haha!!Happy belated bday!!N geting results ltr??Good luck boyfriend!!V'l meet in sem4!!" - yap yee jean

"Assalamualaikum amirul, harap tak lambat sgt utk ucap selamat hari lahir! :)" - kak ijjlal

"This one's for you Amirul Mukmin...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! =) "  - kak emma 

"happy birthday amirul sayang...ahaks....may Allah bless......." - sabiq
" lolz selamat la.. may Allah bless my pren. haha"  -fatin syafiqah

"Happy Birthday Mirul! 
-eka- hehehe"  -hisham/eka

Wednesday, February 1

support system

salam alayk.

it's been a while since i last posted anything here. last was last year. ha.ha.
main problem would be lack of ideas, even if there are things that i would like to share, then i would have no time. even if both were actually present, then i know.. lazy :| which is actually the greatest challenge of all. and actually the main MAIN problem.

anyway, recently i had not passed my EOS3. more specifically i did not pass my OSCE. alhamdulillah i made it for theory paper, which was, to me, harder. and more troublesome. and so yeah, i was glad i passed that one and only need to resit osce. at least, it is not that stressful. history taking sucks -.- and upon my, urm, failure, yes i was a bit down and sad and all, eventhough not that severe, but little did i know that i actually have A LOT of great friends that supported me and care about me and then offer help and do all the things that supportive friends do. you see, i never had this before. i mean that kind of people. i usually don't. but i am so glad, and grateful and thankful that Allah has blessed me with them now. so thank you my friends for cheering me up, for helping and offering to help and for supporting me going through this. this post is for you. i record it here so i won't forget this magnificent phenomenon. i'd like to mention names, but that would be sooooo many. whether you PM me, or discuss with others openly, directly or indirectly.. haha. so yeah. THANK YOU ALL!!!! jazakumullah khair :')  (ini muka terharu)

my resit is on 15th feb. please pray for me :)
"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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