Tuesday, November 16

Berkorban di hari raya korban

Salam aidhil adha 

there are two hari raya in islamic calendar. one being aidilfitri and the other is aidhiladha. as much as kids love hari raya aidilfitri, i, on the other hand prefer the latter. not that i dont like aidilfitri, i mean, who wouldn't, right? but, it's just that aidiladha seems to be more 'appealing' to me, if you know what i mean(if you dont then nevermind). of course, when i was a small boy, i was also in the crowd that became vigorously excited about aidilfitri. because kids just wanna have fun (ini bukan lagu...sape ntah) and fun it is on aidilfitri. you get duit raya, baju raya baru, main mercun etc etc. but as you grow up, you don't get those anymore. even if you do, you don't really feel anything special about it. that is the case for me at least. and as for aidiladha, it is more towards the adults. the adults sembelih lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults masak many kinds of masakan out of daging and parts of lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults help in the gotong royong sembelih lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults do this and the adults do that. 

and one unusual view that you get to see during aidiladha is lembu kena sembelih. yeah, maybe you eat meat everyday, or burger for that matter. but do you see how the slaughter is done?

Monday, November 15

Of friends and annoyance

Salam alayk

i have been receiving a number of questions on formspring which center on annoying friends lately. conflicts. misunderstanding. irritating. pain in the ass. stressful.(i'm pretty sure you get my point already now, dont you?) what should i do, what will you do, what to do and all those advice seeking questions which are posted in a somewhat raging manner. yes, i know. that happens. indeed. friends can sometimes be annoying. it happens. they do stuff to you. yeah. really. 

question is, actually, why

here's a list of plausible reasons. 

  1. different points of view. you might want to read my previous post on this stuff. 
  2. emotionally unstable. or you call it emo for short. some people, when they enter 'emo' mode, they are very highly extremely remarkably incredibly sensitive to the surrounding. a slight bit of anything can annoy them.  thus they annoy people too. just to,u know, make things even. i think. and people dont normally go emo for no reason. problems are usually the trigger.
  3. a way of showing 'affection'. especially those of opposite genders. i know a few guys that transform into a jerk around some girls that they like. and i see the response. girls got annoyed. and they - the guys - are somewhat happy! 
  4. a way of saying 'i dont like you'. yeah, same action, different meaning. but you can spot the difference. if someone doesnt like you, and he annoys you, you can see the disgust or hatred on his face. this, mind you, occurs for a reason too. maybe you are the one annoying them. and they dont like it. so they annoy you back. *duh~*
  5. genetic. this might sound rude in a way, because when you say genetic it means it is inherited from the parents. but....anyway, what i'm trying to say here is that some people are nurtured with that,uh, u know, behaviour. they are not actually born that way, but rather they are grown up with it. 

Saturday, November 13

I'm walking on sunshine

i dont really like the weekends. i mean, not all, but most of them. where nothing is planned. i.e, i dont have anything to do. no activities. it got me depressed. i cant sit at home for long. i might go insane. study? yeah, thats the only choice i have left now dont i? so, i try to study. but then, i cant really study at home too. so i end up sleeping. which gives me headache. when i wake up, that is. and the fact that i sleep through the day means i dont really study. waste of time there. increase the intensity of depression. so i must go out. another problem arises. i dont really have anyone to go out with. therefore restricting me from going out. looking at friends who go out and have fun further depress me. but even if i do go out, i might spend the day having fun. not studying. waste of time there. again. so. yeah. either way, i lose.

Sunday, November 7

Middle Child Syndrom

Salam alayk. yes. another copy and paste stuff. 

The middle or second born child or children often have the sense of not belonging. They fight to receive attention from parents and others because they feel many times they are being ignored or dubbed off as being the same as another sibling. Being in the middle a child can feel insecure. The middle child often lacks drive and looks for direction from the first born child. Sometimes a middle child feels out of place because they are not over achievers and like to go with the flow of things.

Being a middle child would mean they are loners. They really don’t like to latch on to a person in a relationship, there fore they have trouble keeping one due to lack of interest. Not liking to take the limelight for anything, they are not over achievers and just simply work enough work to get by, and typically that goes with school as well as a career. They are however very artistic and creative. If forced to use abilities they will work well, but do not work well under pressure. They often start several projects but rarely keep focused long enough to finish a project. The best career move for a middle child would be along the lines of using their creative. Going into a writing or journalism career, and into a career that they could freely express themselves would be good. Anything that would have hours that are flexible, and projects that frequently changed would be good for a middle born child. Since relationships are not of high importance to a middle child, often times they are alone. However, the best possible match for a middle child would be a last born.

what the deuce?

Wednesday, November 3

Soalan rhetoric.


nak balik rumah tak? 
beli lah tiket balik. kenapa beli tiket movie. 

nak pass exam tak?
pergilah study. kenapa main game.

nak makan makanan iran tak?
pergilah restoran iran. kenapa pergi warung mamak.

nak jadi doktor tak?
buatlah medic. kenapa ambil engineering.

nak kamera dslr tak?
kumpullah duit untuk beli. kenapa beli benda2 yang tak berguna.

nak kahwin tak?
pergilah cari calon. kenapa menyorok dalam bilik.

nak masuk syurga tak?
buatlah benda2 yang patut untuk melayakkan diri. kenapa buat benda2 yang menjauhkan diri. 
"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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