Thursday, November 7


i am now up to a point where i just stop, and suddenly ask myself: why am i here? why am i doing medicine?
yes, it's a rhetorical question. i still remember all the reasons why i took up medicine in the first place. to help people, and about the hadith (which i can't really remember the exact wordings now, but i do remember the points) etc2. what have got the question to pop up in my head again is because i'm stressed. i feel so out of place. i don't remember anything i learned. it's like i never learn anything. at all. and then all my colleagues are saying they're stressed. heh. yeah right. try being me. ask them questions, they can answer most of it. can't memorise one word from a sentence, that's all. stress.

Sunday, November 3


blog has becoming less popular now. meh.

i'm going to travel to europe this summer. (ie winter there). and there's A LOT of nice places that i want to go. i'm not really keen on going to major cities, amazingly (or weirdly, maybe). i prefer scenic places. natural stuff. like snow covered mountains, cliffs, etc3. or if it is city, i like those that look quite.. wahhhh..with its' awesomeness. yeah i don't really know how to describe this in words. go then, you'd say. i would love to. the only thing i need is money. it really saddens me to look at the flight tickets to the places i wanted to go during that period. normally it's just 10-20$, during that period it's 100+. unbelievable. so this post act more of a reminder to myself about the places that i plan to go. insyaAllah next year, if i've got enough money, i need to plan WAY AHEAD about going here.

i - salzburg, austria
ii- prague, czech
iii - tallin, estonia
iv - norway
v- chamonix, france
vi- swiss

after all my research in order to do my itinerary, those are the places that caught my attention. sadly as i said, expensive to go (this year). so maybe next time. kalau ada rezeki. do a solo tour around eastern europe.
"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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