Sunday, November 3


blog has becoming less popular now. meh.

i'm going to travel to europe this summer. (ie winter there). and there's A LOT of nice places that i want to go. i'm not really keen on going to major cities, amazingly (or weirdly, maybe). i prefer scenic places. natural stuff. like snow covered mountains, cliffs, etc3. or if it is city, i like those that look quite.. wahhhh..with its' awesomeness. yeah i don't really know how to describe this in words. go then, you'd say. i would love to. the only thing i need is money. it really saddens me to look at the flight tickets to the places i wanted to go during that period. normally it's just 10-20$, during that period it's 100+. unbelievable. so this post act more of a reminder to myself about the places that i plan to go. insyaAllah next year, if i've got enough money, i need to plan WAY AHEAD about going here.

i - salzburg, austria
ii- prague, czech
iii - tallin, estonia
iv - norway
v- chamonix, france
vi- swiss

after all my research in order to do my itinerary, those are the places that caught my attention. sadly as i said, expensive to go (this year). so maybe next time. kalau ada rezeki. do a solo tour around eastern europe.

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