Thursday, July 18

Car Break Down

this is a day that i will remember. on the way back from blacktown, our car just died. like, died. happened before, but could be restarted. not this time it didn't. it was around 1710, 3 minutes past maghrib. i just had sips of water for iftar. to add to it, the car died in the middle of the street. one lane, no shoulder. but lucky enough we didnt block the traffic so much. a little about 10-15 minutes later, this guy pulled up in front of us, while we were trying to deal with the insurance company to send roadside assistance. he offered help. though i was constantly suspicious and be on my guard, after reading about a lot of scams in malaysia, that guy, salesi was really an honest mechanic. not only did he jumpstart our car, he did a very thorough job, like how a consultant would. he offered to check the engine as his 'provisional diagnosis' was spark plug problem. so we cancelled the tow truck and whatnots as per his instruction, and drove to the nearest petrol station with whats left of the car's strength. then off he start. but there was no tool to even unscrewing the spark plugs from their socket. salesi brought us to his workshop to gather some tools that he needed for that, and a few other stuff. then we headed back to the car and he began checking. no problem with the spark plug, he proceeded with engine compressions. then wires. wires fine, checked the injector and air leak. now theres something wrong he suggested how to fix them with cheapest price possible. after all that, he just charged us 20$, and said "i just charged so that you wont feel guilty you know,". and i guess, its true enough. not that he needed money anyway. his weekly income is about 6k after tax. if he refused to take any money or anything, we will feel guilty since he helped sooooo much. and it took a lot of his time. and we didnt even ask for any! :')  god bless you salesi. the world needs more people like you. thanks.

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