Tuesday, November 16

Berkorban di hari raya korban

Salam aidhil adha 

there are two hari raya in islamic calendar. one being aidilfitri and the other is aidhiladha. as much as kids love hari raya aidilfitri, i, on the other hand prefer the latter. not that i dont like aidilfitri, i mean, who wouldn't, right? but, it's just that aidiladha seems to be more 'appealing' to me, if you know what i mean(if you dont then nevermind). of course, when i was a small boy, i was also in the crowd that became vigorously excited about aidilfitri. because kids just wanna have fun (ini bukan lagu...sape ntah) and fun it is on aidilfitri. you get duit raya, baju raya baru, main mercun etc etc. but as you grow up, you don't get those anymore. even if you do, you don't really feel anything special about it. that is the case for me at least. and as for aidiladha, it is more towards the adults. the adults sembelih lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults masak many kinds of masakan out of daging and parts of lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults help in the gotong royong sembelih lembu or kambing or kerbau or unta. the adults do this and the adults do that. 

and one unusual view that you get to see during aidiladha is lembu kena sembelih. yeah, maybe you eat meat everyday, or burger for that matter. but do you see how the slaughter is done?
of course not. dont lie to me, man. so aidiladha. you can see this as it happens. i heard from somewhere, " tengok sembelih lembu masa raya haji dapat pahala,". wallahualam.

i've never missed this chance. it is never boring even though it is the same thing every year. a lot of people gathering at the field or wherever the korban is held, with pakcik2 pakai kain pelikat and t shirt and have parang terselit in the kain pelikat while smoking rokok daun, makcik2 who take part (bahagian) in the korban, teenage boys a little bit further away, making jokes about the lembu while waiting to lend some hands when necessary, and kanak2 yang excited tengok lembu. and when the ceremony starts, the pakciks, to my eyes are somewhat heroic and 'stylo'. they rebahkan lembu together using ropes, making sure that the lembu faces kiblat as it falls to the ground. and then one of them will come near its head from behind and in Allah's name and with quick yet careful slit across the lembu's throat, the slaughtering is perfectly done. 

and then theres blood everywhere! this is the most touching part of aidiladha. personally, that is. to watch a makhluk dies. apart from seeing blood spraying all over. you know, the lembu dont just die in one second after its urat merih and urat halkum are cut off. it will go through sakaratul maut. which seems hard. which is hard. after the sembelih, the men will leave it to die on its own. this is when the cow will bang its head to the ground a few times. this is when you can hear the cow groans, the air gushing out of the trachea noisily. this is when you can see the cow menggelepar and cries. after sometimes, then only it dies. maybe my description here is a tad too simple, but seriously, it is hard for the cow to, uh, pass away. for goodness sake people, it is a cow, it has no akal, pahala dosa and whatnot, and it is still hard to die. what about us? what about you? yeah, man..

how would you die?
painfully? peacefully? easily?

coming back. after the cow dies, the crowd comes in to lapah kulit, potong daging, cuci perut and blabla and blabla. i usually help where i can. and usually all i can do is to hold the kaki lembu up so that the pakcik can potong the daging, and then bring the daging to the makciks and ladies. and they will cook. my God, one kaki is soooo berat i tell you. haha. 

in the afternoon, we eat together. there's daging goreng minyak, sup tulang, sup perut, daging singgang, daging bakar, solok lada, sambal belacan and acar. and when we get home, my mom will make perut masak lemak cili api the next day. my favourite. 

and this year is the first year i'll be missing all of these. cuti sehari sahaja, macam mana mau balik? takde rezeki nak join korban and makan sedap2... a bit sad, but, nak buat macam mana kan? dah takde rezeki. this is the pengorbanan tahun ini. insyaAllah akan berjaya sebagai seorang doktor muslim suatu hari nanti. amin. 

oh, and let us all pray that we will die in peace. husnul khatimah. amin~

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Syariful Bahri said...

walaupun darah yg keluar itu adalah dari lembu, aku tetap tak boleh tengok... T_T

Amirul said...
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Amirul said...

haha. rugi la mu. xleh tgk korban..

4teen said...

tp even nmpk lembu tuh mcm mati lambat, but still it is the best way to die kan? (laen je bunyik ayat aku nih tp aku rase ko faham je kan mksd aku..ke x?) kalo banding ngan mati cara laen. sbb tu la jugak org yg xpk byk cakap sembelih tu kejam. kalo electrocution tuh lgk x kejam? cmtu r knonnye. ntaa dr mane aku dgr..huhu. btw,,aku penah tgk korban kalo ade bwat kt skola je dlu..huhu

Amirul said...

4teen : ahaa.. yes2. ak paham maksd mu. betul la. semelih is the best way to kill actually. kalau compare ngan cara lain laa.. sbb sembelih lebih bersih. darah dia keluar habis. semelih lagi tidak menyeksakan. kalau compare ngan tikam or electric shock or langgar kete. benar2.

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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