Saturday, December 4

What really grind my gears.

the title is quoted from a movie. family guy presents stewie griffin: the untold story. i don't really know what 'grind my gears' means actually.
and this is not an emotional post. just, know, sharing.

Salam alayk. 

peter griffin, in what really grinds my gears.

you know what really grinds my gears?

people misusing or rather abusing facebook. yeah i know facebook is good. facebook is the place where you meet people. where you can keep in touch with your friends. your old pals. your new pals. your family. your friends far away from where you are right now. friends who study or live or from overseas. but when you add people you don't know just to increase the number of people in your 'friends' list, that, sir, is really annoying. i mean, go ahead if you want to do it. i couldn't care less actually. just don't add me if you don't know me. you don't even bother to know me anyway. i don't see the point in doing that. adding people, that is. and all you do is crappy stuff that facebook provides. do you know how irritating it is to log in to facebook, go to home page to only see useless posts from you? 'whatever-your-name-is is playing this game'. ergh. even worse, you post uninteresting, nauseating pictures of yours. do you how many sins you can collect by just doing that? that's for one. 

you know what really grinds my gears? 

obsessed lovebirds. people fall in love all the time. there's no denying this fact. go ahead, fall in love. i don't blame you for falling in love with people of your opposite gender, that's what hormones in your body do. (talking scientifically,of course) you can't really fight that. it's involuntary. and i understand the feeling of loving someone who was not with you when you are born, but come into your life a little bit later afterward. you will always feel, uh.. how to say this.. feel as if you can fly. you know, like, high. yeah, go ahead. enjoy your life if you like it that way. but when you show your affection towards your girl/boyfriend publicly, that what really grinds my gears. i mean, come on man! you love her, i know. but why must you mention sayang2 rindu2 and all that ...(thinking of this pun dah buat aku geli)..stuff with your girlfriend on facebook? or ym? for everyone to see and know? why must you hug or be..aargh. my god! i cannot continue. 

you know what really grinds my gears? 

kanak2 lepak. come on people, don't you have homework to do? don't you have parents to help? don't you have GOD to serve? you do. yes, you sure do. what do you get by wasting your time on the sidewalks? or the mall? wearing ridiculously ugly with weird hairdos? i know you are all good people, despite your looks. then why must you give other people the wrong impression? here's  a suggestion. if you don't have anything to do, why not teach kindergarten children how to brush their teeth? eh? that would be very nice.  you can spend time with your friends too. oh, sweet. 

okay. i think that's about it for now. again, i'm not writing this in anger and hatred. maybe you do those things i mention above. or maybe not. or maybe you feel the same way as i do. maybe you disagree. anyway, if you feel offended, i'm sorry. but please change, i am rather offended by those actions of yours too. i mean those who are in the first category. those who do those things. yeah.


4teen said...

searching for the like button.....none.
well,,i guess i'm going to like this post manually.

Fatin Syafiqah likes this. *thumbs up sign*

malayneum said...

ni mesti sbb tgk bbdk kat KL tu eh...

Amirul said...

hisham : haha. yeah. salah satu sebab.

4teen : hoho. tq2. aku rasa elok ko cadangkan kt blogger utk create such button.

12345:) said...

haha,mirul memang dah ada pun buttoon LIKE tu :p


afifaa. said...

heheyy. hot nampak! hehe :)

super duper LIKE this;p

good job doc!

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