Sunday, July 6


well, if u're reading this, i'm now in intec uitm, shah alam. section 6. this place is.. er.. can lah.. aman.. good.. though this place is kinda developed, with buildings and stuff, but u can still see loads of trees along the road. the air is clean too, or at least i think it is. and oh, one more thing. there plenty of animals around here. haha. cats, birds, u name it. but the wild animals dont have lah.. uhuhu.. apa kes ader singa kt sini kan...yesterday we had placement tests - english n maths. i got 58/70 for english.. it was like, dammit!but ok la, my friends dont go very far from my score. hoho.. (well, at least i have company, yes?)so, today, it's resting day as we dont have anything to do but to stay home(although going for a walk at shah alam is an option). oh, did i mention about my roommates? i live in an apartment or its sort. an apartment with 2 rooms; one big and the other is small. the big one has 2 single beds and mine, which is the big one, has 2 double decker beds. my roomates are hasyim of kl whose bed is above mine, faris of kelantan also, and aqi of kedah. kong and anuar live in the second room. i still dont have their pictures. when i do, i'll put them in my blog. the next post.

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"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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