Thursday, September 18

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15 weird things that you might not know about Amirul Mukmin:
zy!! this is damn hard u know!!!! i dont know what's so weird about me. i'm not a weirdo lyk YOU! lols... ahaa.. but i'll try
  1. like to open n close the refrigerator's door without any reason
  2. lengahkan maser x suka, bazirkan maser tu x pe pulak..
  3. want to be a doctor, but don't really like chemistry
  4. my tank is larger than myself! lols.. i'm the thinnest among my housemate but i eat the most!!
  5. like the word darkness, but hates to be in the dark. tmpt syaitan..
  6. loves serenity, and not forgetting chaos.
  7. hate yahudi laknatullah!! -- this is not weird, though.
  8. have several techniques of sleeping in class without getting caught.
  9. my mom says i grind my teeth when i sleep.. ergh!
  10. can write well at night. i mean, my handwriting is the nicest when i write during night time.
  11. hate exams! they force me to study and alter my aim of studying. study for Allah n dakwah, not for exams. heh.
  12. love to draw, but hate to colour the drawing.
  13. enjoy debating, but never like the discussion of the motion.
  14. speed is power!!
  15. love physics!!!
the weirdest thing is that i am not weird! wakakakakak...

next, i tag :
  • eka!
  • kakawa
  • awin
  • pikah
  • dr. najka
  • kam! ur next!
  • my dearest budak yg kusyg bernama ainul.. hah, buat laa.... special lg utk mu nie..


natasya azwin said...

miki...tag tu jawab soklan tu ko gano??
penim aku..cito cket budop

Ainul said...

dude,xdok pun mu tag aku!!

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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