Wednesday, June 25

adventure of the food hunters

if u have astro at your house, switch to channel 703. asian food channel. yep, exactly. there will be one show namely 'food hunter'. well, that's not what i'm going to write about here. the food hunters which i'm referring to is the one i created. say what? yes, me! it's actually a group of 3 (me, faiz and safwan) having the same thing to do everyday : thinking about what to do. heh. so one day we decided to visit our friends at their respective homes. this was when i decided to name the 3 stooges as food hunters. because when we go to someone's house, food is compulsory.ahaa..

awin. our first 'victim'. we went 2 her house (forget when la) twice. the first time, it was hunting for food! second, she held solat hajat.

this picture was taken the second time we got to awin's. as i said, she held solat hajat so there were more people present. although 'solat hajat' was used as the objective of going, we(the food hunters) arrived a litle bit too late, the solat was already performed, leading us to the next event - lunch. we got there just in time! ahaa..
awin aside, the food hunters also went hunting at hakim's, aini's, zuhra's, etc etc.. all in all, we covered almost all parts of kelantan or at least the most of them.
- end of part 1 -
yes, we can

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