Thursday, June 26

FH : operation gajah

one of the most interesting place we visited was qamarul's house. we ate a lot! it was raining rather heavily that day. "xper, mkn punya pasal". we met him at masjid pasir mas. thru the rain, he led us to his house with his motocycle. oh, did i mention? hakim was with us on this operaion. so the food hunter had an extra temporary member for the day. as soon as we got to his house, i parked my car under the porch which was quite small for the size of my ride. heh. nway, his mom was in the house. she invited us in.

the first round of meal - keropok. as usual, safwan was the one to finish them. when we're done with the keropok, it's time to pray lah kan? zohor. suddenly qamarul's mom appeared and ask, " make nasik sini deh? nanok doh nie..(makan nasi kt sini ye? da masak nasi da..)" i was thinking that it might be a burden for the family(well, i mean qamarul n his mom), although lunch would be nice. no, good! (so called) reluctantly, we accepted the offer. rezeki jgn ditolak... ahaha..

this is safwan. yeah, he ate the most. almost all the lauk, guess what, he finished them all. and oh, he started his lunch with the nasik tambah. u know, the plate with most rice in it.

when everyone has already finished eating, he was still on it.

the lauk themselves were marvelous. we had tomyam, sambal belacan, what else, fish(i don't know what kind of fish).

see the hand? that's me. the one with kain pelikat is qamarul n the red guy is hakim, our new temporary member. that was 'waiting' time. we waited for safwan to finish eating.

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