Saturday, January 10

Khaibar, khaibar ya yahud!!


date : 10/1/09
time : 10a.m -12p.m
venue : stadium melawati, shah alam
event : rapat umum selamatkn gaza

i went there- duty calls. my brothers and sisters in palestine are now suffering. all thanks to the wicked-minded, stupid, son of a hamster israel,yahudi laknatullah and its associates, for the help to fight terrorism by committing massacre. heh. the ulama have declared war against israel, but me and palestine, weapons, war are like million miles away. not that i refuse to fight those real terrorist, but i just couldn't - considering everything. so, this is the least i can do to help my brothers and sisters - support whatever is available here, whatever the government or NGO is doing here that seems to appear on the same page as helping palestinians. like this one, the rapat umum. ayte, enough intro.

okay, here's the thing. hisham and i planned to go by bus, but on second thought, bus will be slow and a waste of time. so we took taxi. arrived at 10++ to see hundreds of people already in the stadium. we joined the crowd. there were 4 speakers who spoke almost the same thing - palestine - but in their own words and style. and we had a lot of shouts filling the atmosphere. takbir and all. we had the president of ABIM, representatives from PAS,PKR and BN as well. and also a representative from gaza, who spoke 100% arabic. i managed to catch only a few lines of his speech. but there was another speaker translating the speech later. there were also performances by muadz and.. i dont know the other group. lastly imam masjid shah alam recited doa...

jihad filled the air.. and it burns vigorously in the hearts of every muslims there..

now, the best parts - pijak bendera israel!! baling kasut kt patung bermuka bush!! boycott!!

left: hisham berlatih baling kasut kt bush.
right : me - tunggu bala tentera. bendera israel was the red carpet.

left : sbhgn drpd brg2 yg patut diboycott.
right : sesi memijak bendera israel lagi..

left : pijak sama this celaka!!
right : budak pon benci giler kt anjing nie..

for more gamba, sila lawat facebook aku..huu..
Sekian , wassalam..


Irina_waldorf said...

salam mirul!!

fuuhhh...rasa sugeehh glr bila takbir ramai2 cm tuh...terasa kebencian yg mndalam thdp negara yg tak exist tuh!!

natasya azwin said...

salam miki
best nye!!!
geram aku nak pijak n ludah kat muke bush n bendere israel laknatullah tuh
waa..nape tok ajop nye?
kempunan aku
salam sakit ati buat israel n sektunya
moge ALLAH hancurkan mereke sedasyat2nya!!!

liyana said...

ko soh aku tinggal comment kan...

ok dah..
dah tinggal comment
haks3 pak cik mirul

malayneum said...


hancurkan israel

Rise 4 Islam!?

zanurul wani said...

biddam!!birruh!!nufdeeka ya ghazza!

Anonymous said...

U went there?
Sy pegi jgk..
Mmg ramai gler, tp kdg2 tu rasa mcm no point we are giving our "lip service". I believe something must be done by Muslims. Frankly speaking, i m deeply frustrated dgn org2 zaman skrg, terlalu cintakan dunia. *ini sebg peringatan utk diri sndiri jgk, sbb kdg2 terlalu mengejar pelajaran...* haiz...

The Skatemusicianer said...

Heys bro,
wow that's a very very emotional rally. I respect your views, though I hope we should understand that there are many reasons behind the conflict. It's not a religious conflict only, it's very complicated-political-territorial conflict.

The people want peace. Hopefully when we are doctors, we can go there and help them.

Until then, we can only pray, yes..

amirul said...

>larry: yep, we all want peace. but one fact about the zionist is that there're doing what they do now for fun. youtube it. a claim by the.. sape name ntah. minister, what kind of peace is the zionist looking for? it's a very religious stuff actually, but they covering it up with politic so it won't seem so ... you know,religious. huhu..

>akmar: hoho.. there was still a point there. at least they know that we are not selfish and coward like they are.

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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