Sunday, May 3

Return of the Ultimates..

Ever since the day everyone had chosen their own paths, the organization of Food Hunters collapsed (like N'sync, you know, the boy band with justin timberlake in it. i mean, once upon a time). this incredulously has put an end to General Kyo-Safone's magnificent lead of hunting marvelous food throughout the entire colonization stage. along with the fall of Safone's Food Hunters came the silent era or World Peace as the victims would call it. yes, everyone had been wanting this, so badly, indeed. upon the resignation of this self-claimed fuhrer, thousands of smiles are thrown. now, the barbarous General is in IIUM, to turn over a new leaf. or rather in the pursuit of i-am-so-stressed-out-because-i-want-this thing. i don't know. whatever.

though it is bright for the victims, the organization (i mean, the two comrades who held the post The Transporters of the Food Hunters) is overwhelmed by darkness. Colonel Armyrule has something else in mind. beneath the fall of the Food Hunters in the area, he is planning to lead a new troop somewhere else. and this is when it begins, the new era, the new hunters, the Ultimates!! muhahahahahaha...

and so it begins....

The Ultimates consist of colonel armyrule, captain arekey, farreast and anoova. so long has 1 year passed, the area of conquest of the ultimate has extended. here are some of them..i mean.. some examples..

kedai blakang..

kenny roger's roaster

manhattan fish market

sate kajang


Nawa said...


this is so funny laaah


it is Nurnawwar not NurNawwar


AiN said...

bukan eating tu is a basic need ke?
sooo...ape revelannye the so called ultimate ni?
aku pun mkn gak..
so it means dat aku bleh la join d ultimate ni kn?

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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