Sunday, April 26

IIUM interschool debating championsip 2009

i miss being here..
i miss debating here...
i miss the busyness..
i miss the moments...
waaaa... haha...

so i am very2 extremely happy now since i could go to iium interschool debating championship again this year. though i'm not a participant, but seeing ppl debating is already satisfying.. huu.. i dunno wat else to say..

okai.. kronologi..
9.00 a.m - we (me, aqi n faris) went out and fortunately T602 has just arrived on time.

know what? forget the timeline. so, we went to section 2. here, we waited for paan who decided to join too(last minute). and then, kl central. tunggu plak ecah ismail, my classmate. from there, we took lrt to terminal putra. next, we took rapid kl to uia.. haha..

i met my juniors. they were good. the team is even better than my team back then. they won a lot. haha. and teachers not to mention. jumpa jgak.. i met a few frens too.. sidiq shah pekan, aniq smapl, and afiq semashur.

i enjoyed this trip which was very exciting and tiring. haha.. but it was worth going out la..huu..
i took some pictures. more to scenery la of kos sbb uia tu lawa. haha.. i post them on fb..


Anonymous said...

guess what??

Johan Bahasa Melayu: SMI Al-Hidayah JB mengalahkan STAR

Naib Johan Bahasa Inggeris : SMI Al-Hidayah dikalahkan oleh ??

SMI Al-Hidayah is just an ordinary school.. Not a SBP or MRSM nor an elite.. but the student produce is outstanding!! Hasil tarbiyyah namanya..

Amirul said...

ow ek?
waa.. mantap btol..
tarbiyyah tu lagi power..

najihah iman said...

reflectin the old days..

joegrimjow said...

jomdebate same2
bi xpower
bm je

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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