Friday, April 24

To the end


(the title of this post has nothing to do with this post actually. not even a little. not even at all.)

its been like forever since i last wrote something in here. i mean.. not really forever. the last post was posted last week. i was happy back then. very happy and excited. and..and...u can name all the positive feelings that exist in this world to describe it. some knows the reason while some may not. some guessed it right and some didn't even bother to guess. yeah, i dont mind. thing is, i know the reason why.

but that was then. last week. now, feeling obliged to update my blog, i aimlessly am writing something, without having even the tiniest of mood by my side, if not in me. i dont know. something has been pulling me from beneath the surface, and i do not know what is it. my energy is drained. i mop around quiet often. something is missing. thats all i know. and needless to say - i hate this!


Nadira Ahmad Termizi said...

And I wish I could help u my friend but it seems nothing I do has been helping. Cheer up cay?

malayneum said...




"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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