Saturday, July 4

End of Sem 2. LIke, totally.

Salam alayk.
this is my last day at home and i would say that this is my last post too, judging from where i'll be living next semester. cemara. yeah, they say cemara is nice, at least it has lots of places to go as compared to cendana. mydin, giant, ole2 and what not. this kolej kediaman has also got wireless internet built in it. which is one step ahead of cendana, for you don't have wireless internet at cendana. but then again, this wifi speed is crawling, like centuries-old car. well, that is from cemara residents of course. thus the reason why i may not be able to blog anymore. we'll see about that anyway. huhu...

sem 2 was better i think. at least i studied every evening after class and the study leave was used almost brilliantly. at least i did not play much like i did during sem 1. huu.. let's just hope that my sem 2 result will improve. amin...

and end-of-semester break was..i don't know, nice? interesting. time flew this time around. i still remember not knowing what to do during end-of-sem 1 break and that i had a very long holiday i almost die of boredom. but this one was different. i did lots of things which i believe are quite beneficial. i studied a bit(a few pages only), did unit 3 5 times, went to cooking class(which apparently is only in my mom's kitchen), became the transporter and so on and so forth. i hope that the next holiday will be just as good if not better.

well, sem 3 is up ahead, with more challenges of course and not to mention busyness. huhu.. i got ielts test and muet and imu interview if i'm not mistaken. though i'm glad that my contract as the president of psc will be over next sem, i don't think i will retire quite easily. i mean there are going to be huge loads for me before i quit. and after i quit, i'm pretty sure that i cannot let go of this entirely. just like husaini. i will still be involve in a way. heh. please pray that i can handle all of these. huhu..

okai now. i'm done. let the adventure begin!!


Nawa said...

hey mirul

all the best!

AiN said...

eyk..aku lupa nk ckp..
nnt adik aku degree kt imu gak..
sme dgn ko..
jge la adik aku elok2 ek nnt..
ahaks~ ;)

Ainul said...

weh...besor giler ikan mu sembelih tu! hahaha..doakan aku kt poland nanti ek..and most importantly,doakan aku pass a levels so i can actually fly!

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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