Thursday, August 20

Of water and us...

last night there was this ceramah held at dewan cemara. it was supposed to be about preparation for ramadhan al-mubarak. though there was not much said about preparations (or maybe i missed it), the content of the ceramah was good and eye-opening, as people would say. now, one thing that caught my attention last night was about the research done by dr.emoto from japan concerning water molecules. yeah, i believe most if not all of us have heard about this discovery. you know, the one that tells us what happen to water molecule when the water is cursed, said good words and so on and so forth. these are some examples of the results :

this is what happened when heavy metal song is played and dedicated to the water. lols..

and this is the structure of the water molecule when the doctor (i think) said 'you make me sick' to it.

this is how the water molecule appears when we said 'thank you'.

and this one is when 'love and gratitude' is mentioned.

and there's more actually. like when we pray upon the water (as in baca doa la tue.. or baca ayat quran), but i don't have the image. but what i can tell you is that the structure is way beautiful than those shown above.

so, conclusively, water is a living thing, and it reacts accordingly to what we do to it. we say good things, the molecule becomes nice. we say bad things, the otherwise happens. now, coming back to the title of this post... can you somehow relate the two things?

okay, here's a hint:
70% of our body is made up of water

does that ring any bells yet?

what i'm trying to say here is that we are what we think. if we think bad about ourselves, then the water in our body will react badly as well which will then lead to us becoming bad. so, think positive, or i'd rather say, think good things - we will be good. especially in the coming month of ramadhan al-mubarak. don't set our mind to "TIRED", for we will become tired somehow. think of the rewards that Allah will give us during this whole month if we do good things. do more than what you do during any other months. besides, why do you think the muslims during the time of prophet Muhammad s.a.w and after him won so many battles during the month of ramadhan?

think about it.

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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