Saturday, November 5

Thank You :')

Salam alayk.

I want to thank Allah for giving me this life. although not perfect, but it's always been good.

I want to thank Allah for bringing me along the path i walked. i experienced both good and bad. i know how it feels like to be loved by everyone. i know how it feels like to be on the other end just as well. i know rise and fall.

I want to thank Allah for the people that came into my life, whether they stay or they left. i learned a lot from them. i know the value of a family, of siblings, of parents. i learned not all people live the same happy life i lead with my family. some are dysfunction. some are just too unlucky. but i am lucky. and for that i am thankful.
i learned that not all people are good. and for that i'm getting myself prepared for whatever may occur.

I want to thank Allah for everything. thank you Allah. although i may a lot of times disobey You, do things that may invite your wrath, leave things that you told me to do, yet you still shower me with your blessings, regardless. i am ashamed for all the sins that i've made, but please forgive me, for i am weak. and please do not ever leave me astray, for i am, and have nothing without you. You understand me more than i do myself, so please know, that i am trying to make everything right, within my limited power. most of the times, i failed, but please dont neglect me for my failures. oh Allah, lead me to the right path. oh Allah, bestow your blessings upon those who you sent to me so i can learn from them. if they are not on the right path, please ya Allah, lead them back. i can only do so much to help them. it is you who has all the power. it is you who actually created them and control them. protect me, them, and our families from the evilness of your creatures. oh Allah, give me strength, to not only fight the bad side of me, but other people's as well. give me strength to help those who need help. give me strength and ability to help people i meet and know, whether they help in the process of becoming me or not, for i love all of them. give me strength to give, not only to take. oh ya Allah, if i should get married, send me someone who can obey me, and willing to learn, so i can lead a family that you bless. give me strength to teach my spouse and to protect her from any kind of harm. if i should bear children, give me strength to do the same to them too, for i want to continue living the happy family live that i lead right now. give me strength to lead them all to your path, and make them a blessing not a curse to me. ya Allah please help me find happiness in this world in the hereafter. you are the only one i can count on and the only one i can ask for help and you are my only hope.

may Allah give you peace and blessings too. i am thankful that you read this post. for i know that at least my effort is not entirely futile. oh ya Allah, please dont ever leave us. we need you forever.

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Nadira Ahmad Termizi said...

Ameen :')

May Allah bless you always.

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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