Friday, November 14

PIzza Hut~

the end of biology paper indicated that final exam has ended.(at least for me and for those who's not taking statistics. I do!) so, if you read my previous post, we should be having another.. err.. subject.. which would be PIZZA HUT! lols.. by hook or by crook (cheyh~) we have to go to pizza hut to sit for the exam. ahahaha...

6.30 p.m - we waited for the t602 for.. like forever. it never came up to a point when we decided to take a cab instead. and we missed one taxi. but we were not pissed off as t602 came to save the day, just in time. it was already maghrib when the bus arrived.

--:-- p.m - we arrived at sacc mall. after solat maghrib we went straight to pizza. to our surprise, it was full. seconds after that, there was this one family that had just finished eating. luck was on our side.. duduk la kita berempat.. owh, 'we' here refers to me, faris, aqi and nuwa..
we ordered something that should fit our appetite for destruction. lols.. and.... ahaha.. study stats la dey, esok exam lg daa...

here i put some of the pictures taken.. i put more on my frenster.. feel free to visit my page..

Lasagna : one of my fav. ahaha...

makan makan jugak.. study tu penting.. hahaha..

us~ haha...



malayneum said...

hahaha!?tmpt korg ddk same ngan tempat yg aku ddk mase aku gi mkn pizza kat sacc...usha blog aku al-kisahnye-4-psl kain pelikat!?


najihah iman said...

paper pizza hut?!

btw,slmt bcutI~!!

nadhsamuel said...

pizza? gosh! give me one!

nadhsamuel said...

hye amirul!i'm nadhsamuel!
nice to know you~
gosh, yeah i can live withot food~
the same thing goes to you right?

How did i come across you?
hey, what a small we have !

nadhsamuel said...

seriously you do not know me and i do not know you~

yeah,what a small world we have!

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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