Sunday, November 2

a walk to remember

haha.. ever watched that movie? it was a sad and romantic movie..probably the only romantic movie that i watched.. for i don't really enjoy watching non-action-packed movie..huhu..
now, as for this post, i am not going to do a review on the movie a walk to remember, but rather to share MY 'walk to remember'.

30th october 2008 :
one of my classmates wanted to belanja me. after a few discussions, we agreed to go to sunway pyramid. it was a 'she' so i was thinking it would not be good to just go out alone with her. this is when i asked hisham to join me. and he agreed.... we planned to watch movie and eat.. bla2 and bla2...
31st october 2008:
had a lil chit chat with my old fren, awin, online. she said she wanted to see me..huhu.. so i asked her to join us at sunway too..

1st november 2008:
my classmate told me that she could not work the plan. was a lil bit disapointed... x leh rr makan free!! but at the same time i could not cancel my plan as i had awin to meet.

2nd november 2008:
we left for sunway at 9.45 am. hisham drove to the nearest ktm station and we took the comuter. as my classmate could not go, i was starting to look for replacement. this was when i asked eka to join us. after some... err.. pujuk2, hoho, she agreed to come with her roomate.

once we reached our destination, me and hisham walked through the... i don't know, left wing? after 15 minutes of talking while watching people ice skating, we met awin and her fren which is also my fren laa.. then we went to the arcade together. (oh boy, this is the best part). man, how i miss playing games at the arcade. i miss shooting bad guys!! i miss all the noise!! haha.. so me and hisham bought 4 tokens each. awin left to look for something. then we played some kind of soldier game that i have never played before.. it was boring. then we played time crisis 4. then hisham said, " baek maen ni awl2.. rugi je maen game askar.. x best lgsung.." hahaha. and then eka n ain came along and watched us as we shot people with style!

finish with the game.. we went to popular. heh, yeah we LOVE to shop for books. (or at least WINDOW SHOP for book.) but awin was not with us so i fetched her..(dia merajuk..wakaka). and then the girls met and it was...omg, so bising laa.. although they only knew each other kt popular tue.. and this was when i found the novel 'a walk to remember'. in the end.. we bought nothing.. huhu...

everyone was hungry especially eka. her perut nk bunyi2 da.. ahaha.. that called for lunch. so we went to kfc and had our lunch. after lunch we went to surau and solat zohor... so we walked and walked and walked again, snapping pictures along the way.. and did what we do best whenever we hit the mall - window shopping. haha..

at 3, awin nk balik kolej... so we bid farewell.. but the walk continued.. with 4 of us remaining. when finally we got tired, we stopped at a bench and ate donat that eka bought from hah? nway, she liked donuts from.. hhoho.. after finishing the donuts, we decided to call it a day. next, balik kolej rr... ape lagi..?

that's the end of my walk to remember. haha.. it was a nice walk though it was not so long. and i'm gonna remember it. thus, a walk to remember!! ahahah..

here are some pictures taken: there's no me in the pictures. haha.. one sad thing, my camera x kualiti sgt.. 0.3 mp jer.. so gamba x bape clear.. agak frust rr.. but then, seb baek ader jgak..

Left : X meal deluxe. what i ate... Right : Awin!! don't know why, but she becomes shorter! haha

The girls who joined me and hisham. Mimi, Ain, Eka and Awin.

Two pictures of Hisham. left: entrance of sunway lagoon. Right: guess what??

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