Sunday, November 16

.:: Usrah On Ice ::.

i'm home by today.. so glad first sem is over.. hoho.. and hope to improve next sem..
so, now this is a story of the 'last paper'.. ice skating!! hahaha

i can say that we ended the final exam with husnul khatimah.. ahaha..statistics was not so mind blowing like chemistry.. and i manage to answer all questions. huhu.. after maghrib, me and my usrah-mates went to cemara.. according to the schedule. but our jemaah was not complete as some of us could not attend the program due to... err.. personal matters. and we heard a talk from al-akh haq.. about IPK.. huhu. and then we slept in the surau.. after doing crazy stuff.. ahaha..

we woke up early, for qiamullail.. after subuh..we went to alrafi bistro for breakfast..huuu..

next, err.. we had another discussion.. then played snooker..yeah, i mean PLAY as in PLAY for fun.. haha.. no rules, no limit, no scores.. about 10, we headed for sunway... and went straight to ice atrium.. excitedly, we took pictures, bought tickets, and then juped into the ring!!
haha.. omg, it was waaayy beyond nice.. we really enjoyed ourselves though we didn't know much about ice skating.. let alone to dance like pro ice skaters.. almost all of us fell at least 3 times.. haha.. but falling on ice is a great experience.. you can never have that anywhere.. the pain comes with such pleasure and rekindle the spirit of 'do that again!'. wahaa.. but i did not fell though..huuuuuuuu....... so my t shirt n jeans were not wet.. just my gloves because i lost balance for about 2 times and i almost fell. so i put my hands on the floor and inertia kept me sliding. it was like skating with both hands and legs.. lols.. and that was awesome.. ahaha...

i post some of the pictures taken.. there is not much picture of us skating as no one would like to take pictures.. hey, we were here to skate! haha.. and i put more on frenster..

when we finally got tired, we stopped and had our lunch at end.


Anonymous said...

salam.. pakcik, dapat belajar apa dari ice skating haritu?? x sempat nak buat sesi muhasabah.. coz semua nak balik awal2.. booth cadbury pon x sempat nak singgah..

amirul said...

hahah.. dpt blaja ice skating..
dpt smgt jihad and x putus asa..
utk belajar cane nk BRAKE!! haha..
ok da tue..

Anonymous said...

tu je?? there's more.. ice is like our habit.. as we skate on it, the ice will melt.. the more we skate on it, the more it melts.. so, to overcome ur habits, it's not enough just by one try.. hehe..

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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