Saturday, March 7

Cendana Cooking Fiesta~

Salam alayk..
there's a competition today.. cooking competition, or contest, or.. whatever.
the thing is, we have to cook!
we compete against 'laman' so there was 5 competitors or groups or teams.. or whatever. and we did cook..

the chief chef for our laman was fahmi, while me and other friends were to help..
and we made soup.. out of daging.. though i thought it was a simple thing to cook, and that it is not really that special, but hey! i was wrong. because its not what you cook, its how you cook it that counts..

so soup it was.. and it was marvelous.. seriously, this is not exaggerating, but it was indeed sedap x terkata.. ahaa.. ade yg bepeluh2 makan sup tue..

nways.. to put it simply, we won.. and it was a 'sapu bersih' win. not only did we win for the main course, but we also won the first place for buah hiasan..u know, the one u carve something on fruits like watermelon, stuff like that..

okai.. enough said.. these are some pictures taken..

the faces of victory.. ahaa..

our sup siam.. as fahmi would call it..

our buah hiasan

daging - before masak

basuh daging ke?

more pictures at my facebook..


Nadira Ahmad Termizi said...

Wah....I'm impressed! haha... :P Not bad gak korang ni ek? huhu XD

malayneum said...


x de simpan untuk aku skit ke...



Irina_waldorf said...

ya allah!!! in korang..bleh buat carving buah mcm my friend yg tgh blaja culinary arts!!!
bgs glr!!!


"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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