Sunday, March 29

Taekwondo revisited

date : today - 29/3/2009
time : 8.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m
venue : intec hall
event : 1st intec closed and invitational taekwondo championship 2009

i participated!!!

haha.. it seems like forever since i last sparred. i left taekwondo when i was form 4, that is, in the year of 2006. and i do not join the club here at intec. but still, i participated in the tournament!!

to put it simply, i won the first match (against UiTM johor) and i lost the second one(vs Dynamic Shan Taekwondo Club). since it was a kalah mati tournament, so i did not have the chance to continue. and i did not satisfy!! huu.. there were a lot of participants for my category (below 54kg) that i have to win 2 matches to get a bronze medal. as stated, i lost the second match which could actually bring me to the quarter final. so, x dpat la medal.. (sob2)

but it was good enough given my condition. i mean, i left this thing for at least 3 years, i havent practiced even a bit ever since, my stamina entah ke mana dah.. i still managed to win one match. lols~ the most important part was that i had fun! u know, kicking people is fun especially when u can actually do it seriously. i mean seriously as in seriously. full force, full speed, and when it hit, a pleasurable sound produced. dum!! i missed this so much. as one kick is successful, it makes u want to deliver more. haha..

the aftermath, my kaki bengkak2. i did not regret. i was satisfied. i had relieved all my tense that was accumulated during the last few weeks. i code x i code nye, meeting x meeting nye lagi, study, assignments sume.. those made my head smoking. and it is now cooled. dapat lepas gian. hak2. and i am looking forward for another championship. maybe i can do better. huhu..

i always love martial arts. it is beneficial. especially in this world nowadays, where you cant have total peace even in your home. might as well u learn something. at least u can defend urself if not ppl or things around u when u r attacked. and it is a sunnah as well.. nabi dulu pandai gusti, mnurut satu riwayat.. so, blaja lawan2 pon dpt pahala free2..

this is a video of my first match. i was in 'hung' or red (my faveret colour!). you can see how slow and not powerful my kicks were, and how slow i was. huhu.. the effects of not practicing 4 3 years... but i won this one.haha


Nadira Ahmad Termizi said...

waa...straight away opened this when u said u added the video tau! hehe...not bad, should've watched live :P tp ye la org tu x ajak maa... haha... video 2nd match xde? XD

malayneum said...

jom r practise sparring!?


"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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