Monday, March 16


Salam alayk..

date : 13 - 15 march 2009
venue : kem bina semangat, ampang pecah

huhu... tak terkata sedapnye.. in terms of makan, activities, dorm, what else? ceramah, like always, have tonnes of beneficial inputs but they came with sleeping gas. anyways, i survived those. i mean, not 'survive' as in i did not sleep (for goodness sake, how can i not sleep during ceramah?), but i am still alive and kicking and jumping and rolling and, and...whatever. ckgu hassan told us, or should i say, taught us about organization and its stuff like paperwork, meetings and all. basically, i knew more of the things i already knew. but i hate the quizzes though. huhu...

ayte2. on to the most significant part of the camp, the highlights - outdoor activities! haha..
on saturday evening, the, what do u call those ppl again? atok2 pelatih kem tue.. made us build our own rafts, out of 6 barrels, 4 kayu panjang, 3 plank panjang jugak and 12 ropes. there were 5 groups, so practically means 5 rafts. one atok taught us how to tie knots so that the raft wont be falling apart on water. and we did as told. blabla bla bla..finally, our raft was done and then off to water! the lake! we kayuh our own raft, which was nice as it was the first time in my life. i mean, kayuh raft yang dibuat sendiri. and we had a lil race with the rest and we won! big time! haha...thanx to the leader of our group, adlil,who was then awarded as a gud leader from kak g. hoh.. mantap giler rr dier tue.. if it was not for him, i think our group wont go anywhere pon..he was the one yang bsungguh2 menjerit marah2 kt budak2 yg x dayung btol2 after dier ajar cara dayung yg betul and stuff..

and oh, firstly we had to..err.. dayung to the lake. then masuk air.. float.. then only race..haha

as soon as the race has finished, or id rather say, as soon as we won(hoho), its starting to rain, and god, it got heavier.. so we dismantled our raft in the rain. well, since we were already wet anyway, so i dont see why not. haha.. its been like forever since i last played in the rain.

the next day, jungle trekking..yeah! haha..the trekking was not the main attraction, its the river! huhu.. we got to mandi sungai selangor yang indah nian..arus yg agak deras, air yg agak dalam and bersih! hijau dey air dia..huhu.. since the day i came to intec, this was the 3rd time i got to mandi sungai and seriusly this was the best sungai so far..haha.. and we got to the waterfall.. bapak rr sedap gile..cannot be described by words.. u have to go feel for urself.. i maen air and mandi(notice the word used - mandi, not berenang.. huhu) sungai til i was shivering.. but still x puas lagi maen air..ya la, u dont go to that kind of place everyday rite? huhu.. and of course, we took several pictures so we can reminisce the time.. but they are in syazril's camera, so i cannot post them here yet..

so, all in all, i dont think the camp was a waste of time, like most of us thought it would be. we had lotso fun and though tiring, we enjoyed ourselves.(ayat skema esei budak2. wahaha..)

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