Tuesday, February 3

Tagged by Ainin Sofia (sempat lg aku maen bnda ni ye?)

First name:
amirul mukmin

Name you wish you had:
amirul mukminin.. bcause mukmin refers to one person only.. mukminin ni jamak.. so ramai lg..(ni utk sesape yg blaja arab paham rr..)

What do people normally refer to you:
amirul, mirul, mukmin, gho, yo, ming, boh..

23rd february 1990

hospital besar kota bharu, kelantan

Time of birth:
3++ a.m.

Single or taken:
amender nie??

hoh.. attetntion to all muslims ye, zodiac2 ni haram sbena nyer even kalo nk maen2 pon.. so x yah rr tau n amik peduli korg ni zodiak ape.. xde pekda.. baek tau ko lahir bulan ape dlm kalenda islam.. aku 27 rejab..

My appearance

How tall are you:
last measured : 164cm

Wish you were taller:

Eye color :
typical melayu punya mata kaler ape?

Current hair color:
black with a lil bit of brown, i dont know, more to karat sbenanyer..ahaha..

Short or long hair:
short, if simpan lamer2, it will become THICK

Ever dye your hair a bizarre color:

Last time you did something dramatic with you hair:
emm.. last year.. dont really remember the date, but i went to my bro's place, and he ironed my hari straight..ala ala rebonding gtu..haha.. i looked like a madman..

Glasses or contacts:

Do you wear make up:
not necessary

Paint your nails:
x de faedah, so, no.

Shy or outgoing:

Sexy or cute:
ape ni dey??

Serious or fun:
both.. but more to fun..

A turn on:

A turn off:
perlu ke??

This or That

Flowers or chocolates:

Pepsi or coke:
canT stand them when they're in ma mouth n
tend to give them to others
nway-boyycott israel!!=) ---- yeah!! sokong statement ainin!!

Rap or rock :
rock bebeh!!

Relationship or one night stand:
sibuk pehal?

School or work:
err.. college?? ahaha..

Love or money:
show me the money..hahah.. love la wei..

Movie or music:

Country or city:
ape? suka ke? city..

Sunny or rainy days:

Friends or family:

Have you Ever lied:
sesiapa yang kata dier x pnah menipu maka dier sedang menipu..

Stole something:
yea, when i was 4.. haha... skang da insaf.

sssssssmokin'!!!! heh.. x bace paper ke?

Hurt someone close to you:
as in?

Broke someone's heart:
of kos la.. x sengaja..

Wonder what was wrong with you:
nope, because i know what is wrong with me..

Wish you were prince or princess:
faedah nyer??

Like someone who was taken:
ape taken2??

Shaved your head:
belum pegi haji..

Used chopstick:
yea, makan mee or its kind..

Sang in the mirror to yourself:
haha.. ape da...


roses - red ones.. ahaha.. suka rr.. x tau naper.. mcm agak cool..

cotton candy

song? u mean like, one song only? aiyo.. i got so many laa.. but right now, gives you hell- all american reject

rain, grass, petrol, bakery, my mom's cooking.. hoho...

my blog says all~~ ahaha.. RED all the way..

the last samurai

i'm not really into singers, more to the songs..

Junk food:
i dont eat junk..


whaddya mean favourite location?

Animal :
animals that can fly

Ever cried over someone:

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
there are a loads of things that i wish to change..

Do you think you're attractive:
ask the people who know me

If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
nolita fairytale ke? haha

Do you play any sports:
badminton. with my lil sister..

Corny questionnaire.

1. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
no time to think about this

2. The character of you for yourself is?
waaaaaaaaaa... xtau2..

3. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
the fact that i have less influence..

4. The most ideal person that you wanne be is?
i wanna be? myself, with some modifications..

5. For the people who likes you, say something about them?
they are good people..

6. 10 people to tag
10 orang pertama yang bace nie...

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ainin said...

haha...thanks ok!!=)
even me know...abe bz...hee~
ape cam marah2 jer jwab neh..=p
eh,we share same faveret kaler ek??
pnah rebonding dih??haha..

"Lihatlah kepada apa yang dikatakan, jangan lihat kepada siapa yang berkata," - Saidina Ali k.w


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